Schools and Empowerment Seminars

We offer two Schools/Seminars that will guide and empower you to make this revelation a lifestyle. Each seminar provides 20 hours of instruction over the course of three days. In Atlanta, GA we offer the seminars over three consecutive Saturdays. In Tempe, AZ, the seminars are held from Thursday evening through Saturday evening; the content is the same.


The Order of Melchizedek

Renew your sense of purpose as you understand that your business is your ministry!

This Seminar will walk you through God’s original intent for your role as a king and a priest in the marketplace. Be transformed as you gain enlightenment about your marketplace gifts and calling. If you are called as Daniel (to government/ leadership) or as Joseph (to business/leadership) yet have a desire to serve God, this seminar will show you why God gave you both desires and how to fulfill them. It will change how you do business but more importantly it will give you a renewed sense of purpose and empower you to fulfill your destiny.

Consciousness of Now

Don’t let “If only…” and “What If…?” rob you of the abundant life NOW!

We are all, to some degree, chained to the past and handcuffed by our worries about the future, leaving us totally void of the pleasures of today. Until we become conscious of the moment call “NOW” and let this consciousness influence our decisions, we will never experience the abundant life that Jesus promised us. The NOW is the only place where God resides because He is the God of “I AM,” not “I Was” or “I Will Be.” You can learn to live a stress-free life when you master your consciousness of NOW.

This is a seminar you AND your employees need to take. Call us for group rates (10 or more).

Check-out our Event page to find when the next Seminar will be held in Atlanta or Tempe.


Don’t live near Atlanta or Tempe? Schedule too busy for the live seminars? Those are facts but we’ve removed the excuses because now you can take the seminars at your convenience online.
If you have access to a computer and the Internet you can take The Order of Melchizedek Seminar and/or Consciousness of NOW via our on demand access. Content is the same as in the live courses. Register here.