It’s better to have a partner than go it alone.Share the work, share the wealth.And if one falls down, the other helps,But if there’s no one to help, tough! Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (Message Bible).

The Body of Christ is in a quandary; we are losing ground to secular humanism, Islam1, and other non-Christ-based theologies. Even those who call themselves Christians are becoming disenfranchised with the Church. We have lost our zeal, power, and influence. I believe that is because our traditional theology, which separates the priesthood from the kingly role of believers, has resulted in a diminished capacity to impact the lives of people.

The message of the Order of Melchizedek restores kingdom citizens to their rightful place. Imagine if a Fortune 500 CEO recognizes that while his predominate calling is in the marketplace he also has a call to be a priest in that same marketplace – how different would the “corporate citizenship” of his company be? How many more lives can he impact for the Kingdom when he walks in both offices? How quickly can we stem the tide of apostasy when people are fulfilled in their calling and are no longer second class citizens in their own eyes as well as
those in ministry?

How different would it be if a pastor recognized that the members who are called to the marketplace are not less important than those called to fulltime ministry but are co-partners with them? How different would it be if a pastor solicited and followed the counsel of his marketplace leaders as it relates to the business side of the ministry? How different would it be if the Church Board was full of successful marketplace leaders from the seven mountains of culture instead of family and friends of the pastor? Daresay, the Church would be more effective and make more impact.

Imagine if the heads of government, media, entertainment, families and technology walked in their kingly AND priestly calling. When business AND the Church operate under the Order of Melchizedek, the Kingdom of God will be in its rightful place.

The Benefits of Partnership

The message of the Order of Melchizedek can transform lives, communities and nations. It has already done so but there is much more work to be done. Become a partner and help us take the message to the nations. There are spiritual benefits of partnership such as:

  • You will become a Partaker of the GRACE that God has placed upon the life of Dr. Myles
  • All the “lost souls” that get saved in our conferences and crusades will be credited to your heavenly account!
  • The Lord will give you a deeper understanding of the Order of Melchizedek


  • Pray for you daily
  • Operate our ministry in integrity and transparency
  • Host “partner only” webinars and teleconferences so that you are the FIRST to hear new revelation
  • Host partner meetings so you may fellowship with Dr. Myles
  • Tithe your gifts into orphanages and organizations that meet the physical and spiritual needs of people
  • Provide you with an annual report
  • Impromptu personal prayer calls from Dr. Francis Myles


  • Pray for our ministry
  • Pray for Dr. Myles and Pastor Carmela Myles
  • Share what you learn with others (be an ambassador)
  • Consistently sow into the ministry

Together, and only together, can God’s original intent of expanding the Kingdom of God on Earth be fulfilled. We would be honored for you to take this journey with us. Partner with us today.

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