Mission Statement

Our Mission is to build a supernatural congregation which, functions like the Tabernacle of David under the Order and Power of Yeshua’s Melchizedek Priesthood (Psalm 110:1-4 & Hebrews 7:1-4). We never stop pressing into the Spirit until we make Jesus a household name!


The Vision of Royal Priesthood International Embassy is to:

  • Preach, teach and demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations, by means of Evangelism, Apostolic Missions, Apostolic Embassy Planting, Television, Radio, the Printed& Digital Media, and the Discipleship of New Converts.
  • Our Vision is to establish a governing, territorial and international embassy that OPERATES under the ORDER of MELCHIZEDEK!
  • To raise up, send and support missions, both locally and around the world. We endeavor to identify, train, develop and release the spiritual gifts and ministry innate in every blood washed believer. The uncovering of destiny in the heart of every believer as well as the advancement of the Kingdom is our ultimate goal.
  • To raise and train a prophetic company of “JOSEPH’S”- men and women are who called to function in the Mountain of Business as “business owners and Kingdom paymasters.”
  • To raise and train an apostolic company of “DANIEL’S”- men and women who have a calling to the Mountain of Law and Government; as politicians, judges and lawyers.
  • To cultivate a life transforming Youth Ministry made up of young people between ages 15-25.
  • To be a House of Worship patterned after the Tabernacle of David; by encouraging our members to radically and intimately seek God’s I AM presence!

• To be a House of Prayer for All Nations… by developing a supernatural culture saturated with prophetic intercession.

Tempe Location
Atlanta Location