Francis Myles International is dedicated to sharing the revelation of the Order of Melchizedek to all nations of the world. While pastoring churches and working in business, Francis ran across many very successful Christian businessmen and women who felt like “second class” citizens of the Kingdom of God because they were not in the so-called “fulltime ministry” like others. Consequently they couldn’t penetrate the Marketplace with spiritual “Zeal” much less recognize the “Mountain Kingdom” that they were called to CONQUER! He also encountered pastors who would not give a business CEO a seat at the table because he was not also a “minister” even though the skills and knowledge that CEO had would benefit the ministry.

Francis Myles International, through its seminars and books, works to educate, people to understand that they can, in fact, must, serve as both kings and priests for there is no separation between the two. Those who are called to the marketplace are to do so in both a kingly role AND a priestly (ministerial) one. Those in ministry are free to also partake of marketplace opportunities. This knowledge not only enlightens people to their purpose, it empowers them to fulfill it. It has been amazing to see people set free and delivered from the bondage of sacrificing one for the other when God has commissioned them to be both.

Because of the power and impact of this revelation, Dr. Myles has had the opportunity to share this with heads of state, business executives and government officials around the world. Because the Word of God is living, that revelation continues to grow as additional truths surrounding the Kingdom and the Marketplace are unveiled. Francis Myles International is destined to do fulfill the mandate to take the knowledge to nations of the world.

About Dr. Francis Myles From the day that he lay on his deathbed and was miraculously healed, it has been his passion, obligation and delight to share the good news of the Gospel – to the marketplace. After he was called to ministry he tried to follow the traditional church model but always felt that something was missing because he was also pulled toward the marketplace. He was frustrated that he had to choose one or the other – until God revealed to him the priesthood of Melchizedek where people are called to be kings and priests.

Dr. Myles has held healing crusades throughout Africa and pastored churches in several nations before he was called to America where he’s pastored churches in Chicago, Missouri, and Texas. He is currently the pastor of Royal Priesthood International Embassy in Arizona (because of the governmental mandate under the Order of Melchizedek Dr Myles refers to his churches as Embassies). He has conducted Order of Melchizedek Schools in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Germany and Zimbabwe where he trains business leaders, government officials and pastors how to find their purpose and walk out their destiny under the revelation of Christ’s Melchizedek priesthood.

Dr. Myles has written several books to guide and direct believers along this path to their destiny: The Order of Melchizedek is about the revelation on Christ’s Melchizedek priesthood and is the foundational book that breaks through the barriers religion has erected that are directly contrary to God’s original intent. For many marketplace leaders and ministers, the revelation on the Melchizedek Priesthood, contained in this book, has brought tremendous healing and a narrowing of the proverbial theological divide (which has existed for centuries) between the institutional Embassies and the Marketplace. The Bible alludes to the Melchizedek Priesthood in the books of Genesis, Psalms and Hebrews. Breaking Generational Curses helps people overcome curses that are handed down from generation to generation. The Consciousness of NOW is his newest release that transforms the lives of those who take the journey to live a stress-free life.

Dr. Myles has been a guest on the Sid Roth “It’s Supernatural” television program as well as on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network). He is a sought after speaker who has traveled internationally to share the truth of the Melchizedek priesthood.

Dr Myles Preaching