3 Questions

Are You Transforming the Culture or is the Culture Transforming YOU?

Karen Hosey

The Word says “be ye not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” but is that what is happening? Are Believers conforming to the world and accepting what the world calls right even though God has pronounced it wrong? Do we watch and laugh at comedies that show family structures where both parents are of the same gender? Do we watch soap operas where adultery and fornication are the norm? We are to transform our culture not allow it to transform us.

Through Dr. Myles’ teaching on The Order of Melchizedek he shows you how to:
• Transform Culture
• Transform your business into a Kingdom business enterprise
• Minister in the Marketplace in the Power of the Holy Spirit
• Conquer the “Mountain Kingdom” (Business, Media, Education, Family, Law & Government or Church) that God has called you to.
• Plus much more

The Order of Melchizedek School/Seminar will equip you to transform yourself and then your culture!

Are you a Victim of Identity Theft?
According to the FBI the most costly and pervasive crime of our time is “Identity Theft.” Governments, Corporations and private citizens are spending millions of dollars each year to try to combat this menace. But while these efforts by Government, Corporations and Law enforcement agencies are to be applauded, none of them are combatting “Spiritual Identity Theft.”
With Dr. Myles’ revelation on living a stress-free life you can learn insider secrets for:
• Identifying Spiritual Identity Theft
• Discerning Spiritual Identify thieves
• Keys for overcoming Spiritual Identify Theft
• How to maximize your potential in the Marketplace by knowing your True Self
• Plus much more!!!The Consciousness of NOW School/Seminar will enlighten you to your true identity as God sees it!
Does Sickness, Poverty, or Addictions Run in Your Family?
Do you have certain behaviors that you have no idea where they came from, only to be told there was someone in your bloodline that did the same thing? Many of us have heard, or even said, “Cancer (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) runs in the family,” “Your grandfather was addicted to cocaine, your uncle is addicted to meth, your brother is addicted to sex, addictive behaviors tend to hit all the males in the family.” Because things tend to run in your bloodline have you accepted the fact that you too may encounter that challenge?
Dr. Myles shows you how that doesn’t have to be so but then teaches you how to
• Break generational curses
• Silence the inner demons and fears that you are a victim of genetic predisposition
• Change your bloodline with a transfusion of pure blood
• Be free of irrational behaviorsWhen you Jump the Line you’ll be empowered to break free of curses in your bloodline!