You may be asking “What is this ‘Jump the Line’ that I keep hearing about?” This is a strategy God gave Dr. Myles for breaking generational curses. Have you ever been told, heard or even said yourself, “You do such and such just like your (father, mother, uncle, etc.),” or “Aunt So and So had such and such, it runs in our family” or “You remind me of your __________, you even smile the same way.” All of those are a reflection of traits that are passed down through the bloodline. Some, such as the way you walk, may be learned behavior as your mimic someone you admire, but often tendencies such as a propensity for addictive behaviors are passed down through our bloodline. Jesus referred to it as a need for “genetic salvation” (you need to listen to Dr. Myles’ testimony to get a full understanding of what that means).

Jumping the Line is a prophetic act that breaks the genetic ties in our natural bloodline and connects us to the royal bloodline of our Heavenly Father. People have been delivered and set free from things that plagued them for years – by engaging in his prophetic act.
Download the Jump the Line app and Dr. Myles will walk you through the prayer, declarations and prophetic act; you’ll also hear testimonies of others who have been delivered and set free from fears, genetic traits, habits and behaviors that they tried to break free of for years.
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