TheReturnoftheLostKeyIn this explosive book bestselling author Dr. Francis Myles confronts head on, inaccurate patterns of tithing within the global Body of Christ. This book is a MUST read for those who have given up on tithing and those who tithe regularly. Dr. Francis Myles will show the reader why Malachi 3:8-12 tithing model is NOT God’s best tithing system for New Testament believers, while simultaneously uncovering the Abrahamic tithing model, which is based on “honor instead of legalism.” A breakthrough-tithing model that the devil and religious tradition have tried to COVER-UP until NOW!  

Who is this powerful book designed to REACH!

  • Anybody who has ever said, “help; my tithe is not working for me!”
  • Anybody who has ever asked the question, “how can I tithe from an inspired heart instead of tithing from a regulated heart?”
  • Anybody who uses the “Malachi 3:8-12 pattern of tithing!”
  • Anybody who has ever desired to know how Abraham, Isaac and Jacob “tithed and why they tithed!”
  • Anybody who has ever asked the question, “Is tithing for today?”
  • Anybody who has “lost the Joy of tithing!”
  • Spiritual leaders who are looking for a manual to help them establish “a more excellent way of tithing” in their churches.
  • Marketplace leaders who desire to be good and faithful stewards of the Kingdom of God
Price: $11.95